Scores for September 11, 2003

Food For Thought- September 11, 2003


Willie Moore's Restaurant-58

931 South Third St.

-Food at too high a temperature.

-No faucet handles on a hand-sink

-Food debris inside a microwave

Yum's Restaurant-68

1934 South Third St.

-No hair restraints on employees

-Mildew in the ice machine

-Dirty floors and food containers


2260 South Third St.

-A roach crawling on the floor

-A dirty, rusty cooler without a themometer

A dirty, damaged toilet seat

John's Restaurant-66

972 East Brooks Rd.

-A live roach was on the floor

-Grease was dripping from a vent above the deep fryer


Tropical Nut and Fruit-99

5222 Pleasant View Road

Lenny's Sub Shop-97

4668 American Way

The Sun Studio Cafe on Union-96

Germantown Pkwy.

Marble Slab Creamery-96

Germantown Parkway

Grayson's Family Entertainment-95