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Information on Mid-South road conditions

Flooding near Riverside Drive in Memphis on the afternoon of Friday, May 6. (Source: My 5) Flooding near Riverside Drive in Memphis on the afternoon of Friday, May 6. (Source: My 5)

To check area road conditions:

- In Tennessee, call 511, or click here.
- In Arkansas, call 1-800-245-1672, or click here.
- In Mississippi, call 601-987-1211, or click here.
- In Missouri, call 1-800-222-6400, or click here.

The following lists the latest conditions on major roads as reported to Action News 5.  If you have an addition or correction to this list, please email


Shelby County areas by Zip Code That Could Be Affected by the Flood:


South Memphis

North Memphis




North-East Memphis/Bartlett

Southeast Memphis

Millington Area

Berclair (Summer/Graham) Area

Presidents Island


Shelby County:

Closed Roads

  • 2nd street from Wolf River to Harvester
  • Belmont Dr. @ Blue Map 22 B1-A
  • Benjestown Rd. @ 4116
  • Chapel:New Raleigh to Cypress
  • Chelsea Ave between N. Evergreen St. and N. Watkins St.
  • Felt Station Rd. @ 3775
  • Gilleas Rd. west of Anderson
  • Harahan Rd.
  • Hazelwood Rd. west of Anderson
  • Herring Hill north @ Tipton County line Bluff Road
  • Herring Hill north of Riverbluff to Tipton County Line
  • Island Place/ Henning @ Levee
  • King Rd. west of Anderson
  • McNeil Rd. closed from Mcneil to Levee
  • Michell Rd Between Sax Rd and Weaver Rd.
  • Nonconnah Rd. from Anderson to Weaver
  • Palm Ave. @ 4128
  • Riverside Dr. from Union to Georgia St.
  • Riveside Dr. and Beale St.
  • South Circle east of Horton
  • South Entrance to Riverside Park off Mallory
  • Walsh Rd. between Fite Rd. and Locke
  • Weaver Rd.
  • Sullivan Road east of Neely Road

 Fayette County
- Beaver Creek Rd. CLOSED between Witherington Rd. and McCraw Lp.
- Laconia Rd. south of Highway 64 CLOSED
- Braden Rd. CLOSED between Lambert Rd. and Highway 196

Dyer County
- Significant flooding in Southtown, Evansville, the southern end of Cotton Villa at Rosemont Cove, River Ridge Cove, and Delta Pine Ave.  These areas should evacuate.
- Highway 51 has water over it

Tate County
- Scenic Route 304 (Pratt Road) Closed
- Arkabutla Lake - Due to recent precipitation, Pratt Road closed April 29th.
- Pratt road (State Scenic Route 304) is in Tate County near Arkabutla Lake and is below the overflow spillway. This closure will cease all public access from Tate County through the dam to points north and west. Expected time of closure is unknown at this time.

Tipton County
-Ballard Slough Rd Entire Road
-Coon Valley Rd Entire Road
-Four-L-Dyke Rd Entire Road
-Herring Hill Rd Entire Road
-Ruleman Rd Entire Road
-Sullivan Rd Entire Road
-All Roads on Island 35 (Reverie)    
-All Roads on Island 37 (Centennial)  
-Mason Malone Rd From Canaan Grove Rd to Highway 59 S (Closes May 2 for 2 Months)
-Tracy Rd at bridge OPEN but 3 Ton Limit
- Click here for a map provided by the county with the latest road conditions.

Lauderdale County
- 19 West
- 88 East and West
- 210 North
- Homes were flooded of the 209 between Henning and Ripley (that water has now receded)
- Homes are also flooded off the 19 West and 88 West, he says everyone there has moved out.
- Lake Club houses are flooded around Cold Creek lake off the 87, and Open Lake off the 19.
- Over 50 percent of the county is under water.

 DeSoto County
- Holly Springs Road
- Bass Landing Road
- Blythe Road
- Old U.S. 61(west of Blythe Rd)
- Pratt Road at Miss 301
- Starlanding Road (west of Old U.S. 61)
- Conger Road and Clifton Road.
- Click here for more details

- Alonzo Ln - Entire Road
- Antioch Cotton Lake Rd - From Locust Bluff Rd to Highway 54 E
- Ballard Slough Rd - Entire Road
- Black Springs Cv - Entire Road
- Bucksnort Rd    At Bridge
- Byars Store Rd - Entire Road
- Byard Rd - Entire Road
- Charlie Owen Rd - Entire Road
- Club Rd - Entire Road
- Coon Valley Rd - Entire Road
- Curry Jones Rd - Entire Road
- Fayne Rd - From Cheryl St to Rene St
- Four-L-Dyke Rd - Entire Road
- Gilt Edge Gin Rd - At Highway 59 W
- Herring Hill Rd - Entire Road
- Hunts Pond Rd    - Entire Road
- Jack Pond Rd - Entire Rd
- James Ln - Entire Rd
- Keller Ln - Entire Rd
- Kelly Corner Rd - Entire Rd
- Locust Bluff Rd - At Highway 54 E
- Lucado Rd - Entire Road
- McCormick Rd - At Bridge
- Naifeh Rd - Entire Road
- Neal Rd - Entire Road
- Robert Johson Rd - Entire Road
- Ruleman Rd -Entire Road
- Simmons Rd - At Brown Rd
- Sullivan Rd - Entire Road
- Watson Rd - Tipton County End
- Willow Grove Rd - Entire Road
- All Roads on Island 35 (Reverie)
- All Roads on Island 37 (Centennial)
Mason Malone Rd    From Canaan Grove Rd to
    Highway 59 S (Closes May 2 for 2 Months)
S Terry Land Rd    N of Highway 14 S
    (Shoulder Washout but OPEN - 1 lane)

Crittenden County
Airport Road exit off of I-40 West-bound - CLOSED

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