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Justin Timberlake's Mirimichi Golf Course flooded again

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(WMC-TV) - Floodwaters have drowned out Justin Timberlake's award-winning Mirimichi Golf Course.

"It has a little bit more water on it than we'd like," said General Manager Rich Peterson.

Peterson said it is the second time the Millington course has flooded.  Peterson wondered how high the water will rise with this 100 year flood.

"Nobody knows since it hasn't happened since 1937," said Peterson.  "It lends an aura of uncomfortableness to the situation."

Peterson said the course is not his main worry even though most of it is underwater.

"The course itself can take as much water as anyone can throw at it because eventually it'll go away," said Peterson.

However, water damage to the Callaway Performance and Learning Center causes greater concern for Peterson.  He said as many as 40 people worked day and night to protect the building.

"Our employees care so much about this place," said Peterson.  "They worked 24 hours a day.  Their families would bring them clothes.  We kiss the kids and then everyone goes right back to work again."

The end result was a man-made dam full of water.  The Aquadam has 480,000 gallons of water inside.  It gets as high as 7 feet behind the building and is 25 feet wide. Peterson said this is the first time one has ever been used to protect a building.

The aquadam was only partially finished last week, but it was enough hold back the flash flooding.

"It worked like a charm so with this second series of cresting that's going to happen, we're not worried about it," said Peterson.

He said that Justin Timberlake has seen pictures of the flooding and is still optimistic.  The manager said he hopes to have the course back open in six weeks or less.

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