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Beat down caught on camera investigated as fight club "event"

(WMC-TV) - A beat down caught on camera sent Mid-South investigators out to break up a possible fight club.

Video of the fight shot on a cell phone was posted on YouTube.  Millington Police investigated the video as a fight club "event" involving teenagers.  The video has since been removed from YouTube.

Millington Police got involved in the case when there was an anonymous call to investigators that said students were involved in a fight club.  That person also told investigators there was a video of two fights and where they could find it.

The video starts with two young men arguing over a beer in a bedroom.  Other teens are also in the room.

A teen dressed in orange pushes the other, who then hits him in his head.  He audibly hits the door jamb and is apparently knocked out.

The second clip shows the same two fighting on the bed and falling to the floor as other teens cheer them on.  In this video, the person dressed in orange is the aggressor.

As the fight goes on, one teen picks up a chair and throws it.

"Somebody please stop him," said a person in the video.

While the main fight continued, another side fight erupts.  Everyone in the video appears to be yelling at each other.  The fight finally ends, leaving the person in the orange shirt in a state of semi-consciousness.

Action News 5 talked by phone to one of the witnesses in the room.

"It's not a fight club," said the 17-year-old witness.  "It was a crazy night.  Everybody was just talking (expletive) to each other and stuff, and then dude hit one of my friends.  Like some people are taking up for dude."

Millington Police turned the case over to the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.  A spokesperson said investigators found no hard evidence of a fight club.

Since the two people involved in the fight do not want to press charges, the investigation is all but over.

"It's just heated emotions that night," said the witness.

Sources close to those involved were adamant this incident was not an organized fight club.

Millington investigators contacted the Millington Central High School's resource officer for help identifying the teenagers in the video.  Officers said the two fighting do not go to the school.

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