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Volunteers fill sandbags to stop rising Mississippi RIver

(WMC-TV) - Hundreds of volunteers spent Friday filling sandbags in order to push back on a river that is threatening their city.

"I love my town," said Memphian Derrick Jones. "This is my hometown, born and raised, Memphis, Tennessee."

Jones took off work to help fill sandbags. He joined over 200 other volunteers at the base of the Pyramid.

"Sticking together," said Jones.

All volunteers were on a mission to fight a 100-year flood.

"It's on its way, I heard," said Jones.

Margaret Stiver was among the volunteers. Stiver is in the Navy and took off Friday for Mother's Day, but her plans quickly changed.

"My husband was going to take me somewhere and we saw the news and thought it was a little more important to come down here," said Stiver.

Last year, floodwaters took over the Navy base in Millington. Stiver said it ruined 75 percent of everything she owned.

"I'd like to see if we can help someone else avoid that," said Stiver. "Because it's not a good feeling to feel homeless and know you have nothing."

Among the volunteers was 8-year-old Dacharius Brooks.

"I think we need to fill some sandbags so the floodwaters won't flood the whole town," said Brooks.

Volunteers said they will work as long as they are needed.

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