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Sisters who saw the major flood of 1927 are preparing for another

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YAZOO COUNTY, MS (WLBT/WMC-TV) - The great flood of the lower Mississippi River Valley in 1927 remains one of the most devastating natural disaster's in our country's history.  Gerlene Johnson was just nine years old at the time.

"We lived in the hills.  My aunt and uncle had wagons then, brought us down to Satartia to see the water.  The water was up to the highway.  The water was up that far," said Johnson.

She doesn't remember being afraid or grasping how destructive the rising waters were.

"We just wanted to see the water, you know how children are," laughed Johnson.

Her sister, Bernice Townsend, was only seven and remembers looking over the mass of water that covered homes and farmland in Yazoo County.

"We'd come down and look at the water you know," said Townsend.  "We didn't know if people would get drowned or not."

Two hundred fourteen people lost their lives in the April flood. Six hundred thirty seven thousand were driven from their homes.  The sisters were safe with their house set on a hill south of Satartia.  Now at 93 and 91-years-old the pair face another major flood. They live on Satartia Road, an area expected to flood from the Yazoo River.

"I don't think nothing about it, nothing we can do about it. If it gets high enough we'll just have to get out," said Johnson.

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