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Some Mud Island residents fear being stranded

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(WMC-TV) - Some people are complaining that Mud Island residents are getting special treatment after a road to the area was raised several feet.

Some Mud Island residents said Monday they fear getting stranded on their own island.

"We could be trapped," said Mud Island resident Judy Coon.  "That's really scary because there's only two ways in."

With access to the North end of Mud Island closed due to flooding, a portion of Island Drive, the main artery in and out of the island, had to be raised two to three feet.  City engineer John Cameron said the gravel road had to be built for safety reasons.

"It's not about economics," said Cameron.  "The whole reason this precautionary measure was taken on Island Drive is because that's the only access.  And again, if we lost that access point, it would falter emergency services to evacuate people from the island."

"There's about 5,000 people that live on this island and this is the reason they went on and built the little levee," said Coon.  "So people don't get trapped and hopefully give us enough time to get off."

With both the Wolf River Harbor and the Mississippi River at extreme elevations, portions of the service road leading from the Mud Island Roundabout to Mud Island River Park are closed.  AW Willis bridge is open to through traffic, but sightseers are asked to stay away.

"To us, it's an issue of the number of residents impacted," said Cameron.  "We don't care what part of town it is.  We want to keep our residents safe."

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