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Flood clean-up could be costliest in Mid-South history

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(WMC-TV) - Shelby County Emergency Management Agency Director Bob Nations said Monday the flooding could become the most expensive clean-up in Mid-South history.

"It's going to be a nasty one," said Nations.  "An expensive one."

The Shelby County Mayor's Office said the worst kind of disaster a community can face is flood because it has all the aftermath of other disasters, as well as mud, sludge and a laborious clean-up.

During a budget season that already includes massive cuts, Shelby County CAO Harvey Kennedy said there is no rainy day fund, and resources are maxed.

Deputies are working 12 hour on, 12 hours off with no weekends.  The floods have also disrupted commerce.  At one point last week, the Army Corps of Engineers temporarily stopped river traffic north of Memphis.

"We do have some of our inner-city streets and some of our county roads that have been closed," said Nations.

Nations said the downtown Memphis entertainment district and Graceland are alive, well and safe.

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