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Some residents hope to stay put as waters near crest

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(WMC-TV) - Cherelle Williams tiptoed out of her house on Kendrick Monday, where everything that is loose is either up high or under water.

"The rooms are soaked and it's coming out of the bathroom toilet," said Williams.

Carlos Leachman stopped by his old house on Kendrick to see it flooded.

"Used to live in that house right there," said Leachman.  "Glad I moved out in time."

Latisha Bowles' house was the last before the water's edge Monday.  She said she hopes it stays that way.

"It wants to come up here, but I've been praying every day it don't," said Bowles.  "I got three kids and I'm not ready to move out of my house over this."

Flood notices went out up and down Kendrick, but evacuations were not mandatory.

Jorge Andrade said he believes he is on high enough ground for a narrow escape.

"It's like a swimming pool in the backyard," said Andrade.

Meanwhile, in a neighborhood off of Old Millington Road, Shelby County firefighter Jake Haley helmed a boat through floodwaters.

"The water's pretty much still," said Haley.

Haley, accustomed to disaster and trained to handle tragedy, said the sights are shocking.

"A lot of people, you know, have lost everything that they had."  He said.  "The human being part of you, it's really sad."

Haley said most in harm's way gladly evacuated early.

"In this case, we kind of had a little head's up on what was going to occur, so a lot of people heeded the warnings and actually left," said Haley.

Over the course of the flood event, county fire has had to rescue a total of six people from their houses.  All six got picked up in an amphibious vehicle that transitions to land on tank-like tracks.

Firefighters did not make a single rescue call Monday, but ventured into the flood to demonstrate the rescue vehicle purchased less than 90 days ago.

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