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Chisholm Lake residents frustrated with high water

(WMC-TV) - Chisholm Lake in western Lauderdale County is a summer getaway to many Mid-Southerners. But now, this popular resort area is under tens of feet of water and residents there are tired of it.

Residents living along Chisholm Lake say they're tired of the water.

"Nothing, no comparison to the other waters, this is the grand-daddy of all of them," said Chisholm Lake homeowner Bob Hutchins. 

That's because the lake has now become an ocean - yet another victim of the flooded out Mississippi River.   

"We've got a lot of people who've spent a lot of money in these properties and everyone down here's sick," said business owner Raymond Simpson.

Water is up to the roofs of many vacation homes. The popular Chisholm Lake store is still floating, but getting there is practically impossible. 

The water along Chisholm Lake Road is so high you have to use a boat. Residents and business people here say they've never seen water this high. They say its actually up to the transformers, which is about 25 to 30 feet high.

Residents here will have to wade through water for weeks to come.

"Seventy-five to eighty percent will rebuild, just like nothing happened.  Like I say, it's a bunch of tough skinned people here," said Hutchins.

But residents say it will all be worth it if they're able to salvage some of the summer months in what's now a water logged wonderland.

Lauderdale County Mayor Rod Schuh and Tennessee State Representative Craig Fitzhugh met with Governor Haslam Monday. They hope to have Lauderdale County declared a disaster area very soon.

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