Warts and your feet

Warts are a very common problem found on the foot.  The most common is called a plantar wart, because it is found on the bottom, or plantar surface of the foot.  A skin virus found in the environment causes warts.

One of the most common misconceptions about warts is that they are very contagious.  Only if the wart bleeds and the blood, which transfers the virus, gets into the skin through a cut or opening will the wart spread to another site.  Historically warts have been removed by destruction.  There are numerous ways to do this including, freezing with liquid nitrogen, surgical excision, acids, electricity, and laser.  In our practice laser is the method of choice.  It seems to have a lower rate of recurrence and a slightly quicker rate of healing.  This can be done in the office under local anesthetic.

A relatively new treatment is using an oral medication.  This is useful on patients with large masses of wart tissue also call mosaic warts or those who for whatever reason are not surgical candidates.  The downside is that this can take several months to be effective.

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