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Animal rights groups outraged by dog fighting app

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(WMC-TV) - Memphis and Shelby County Humane Society Director John Robinson is outraged by a smart phone app that offers a virtual trip into the world of illegal dog fighting.

"The app has very similar rules to the real dog fighting game, so there are a lot of ways to learn how to do it and encourage people to get into the sport," said Robinson.

The app on the Android Marketplace is called "Dog Wars."  It allows players to feed, train and fight their dogs against others in order to be the best.  Users pay real money for virtual dollars to buy steroid injections for their imaginary dog.

"I can't imagine what positive or good comes out of it," said Robinson.  "It would be nice to see it gone."

The app was gone after Google pulled it for what they called a trademark infringement.  The app recently resurfaced under the name "KG Dogfighting."

"We kind of studied up on it," said Robinson.  "I got a lot of Facebook things sent to me and e-mails sent to me making me aware it was out there."

The creator agreed to give money made from the app to animal rescue groups, but animal advocates said the money would not matter if the virtual game glamorizes animal cruelty in the real world.

"Dog fighting is a felony in every state," said Robinson.

Animal rights groups hope a virtual petition will get "KG Dogfighting" or any app like it off the market.

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