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Murder victim's son says his family is suffering

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(WMC-TV) - Hugh Wooten said Saturday that Dexter Cox robbed him and his children of a life with Wooten's parents.

"To walk up there and take somebody's life away for no reason, should have the death penalty," said Wooten.

Herbert Wooten died after Cox randomly shot him in 2007. Barbara Wooten now gets around in a wheelchair.

"The way the bullet went in and damaged the nerve in her hip, she'll never walk again," said Hugh Wooten.

Future generations of the family are also suffering. Six-year-old Joshua Wooten sometimes cries for the man he called "Paw Paw Boot."

"I say, 'always remember, he's above you looking at you,'" said Hugh Wooten. "So we come out here and we'll lay in the bed of the truck with a blanket and pillow, and we'll look at the stars and he'll say, 'I see Paw Paw Boot.' And he'll start waving."

Hugh Wooten said after memories of that fateful day in 2007, it was hard to sit in the courtroom with Cox, but he had to be strong for his mother.

"When this is your mom and daddy who raised you, you see them laying in a bed with tubes running all at you," he said, "it kind of hurts you."

Hugh Wooten said life without parole sentence does offer some consolation.

"It makes me feel a lot easier," he said.

However, he said his life is off track and he has not been able to hold down a job.

"I can't focus on mine," said Hugh Wooten. "I'm thinking about this."

Knowing there is a possibility Cox could get the death penalty in two other murder cases gives Hugh Wooten consolation. State prosecutors have not decided if they will seek the death penalty in the other cases.

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