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MY TURN: The Monster Killer

WMC-TV 5 V.P. & General Manager Lee Meredith WMC-TV 5 V.P. & General Manager Lee Meredith

(WMC-TV) - "I am the monster killer." Probably not the way that Toney Armstrong will want to be remembered for his tenure as director of the Memphis Police Department, but that's the memorable quote that was attributed to him in last Sunday's edition of the Commercial Appeal.

According to the newspaper, Armstrong was addressing a meeting of the department's top brass in his second week on the job. Reportedly, someone taped the meeting, and gave a copy to the Commercial Appeal.

Armstrong went on to say that he would cut the head off of every monster that has been created, an apparent reference to the policies of his predecessor, Larry Godwin. Not sure if this is part of the same promise, but Armstrong has figuratively cut off a few heads already by firing or reassigning some of Godwin's top personnel.

When questioned about those decisions, Armstrong was quoted as saying, "I will not defend administrative decisions I make."

There are a lot of people in this city who are hoping that Director Armstrong will be our best top cop ever. I'm hoping he's a quick learner.

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