Other services available from Pete's Treats

Ginger Morgan, owner of Pete's Treats, also runs Positive Paws, a pet sitting and obedience training service.
Call Positive Paws when you need someone reliable to watch over your animals when you are away or to let them out during the day while you are at work.
Why use a pet sitter?
- Your pet stays at home and remains on his or her normal schedule
- Eliminates exposure to communicable diseases found in many boarding kennels.
- A pet sitter can go to your home at any hour to check on your pets.
- Experienced caregivers give your pet love and attention while you are away.
- Makes your house look like someone's at home.
Full service pet sitting includes individualized care, fresh food and water, pooper scooping, litter box cleaning, giving medications, vitamins, or other special care, bringing in mail and newspapers, watering plants, etc.
Midday dog walking includes taking your dog for a walk or playing in a fenced yard, reinforcing obedience commands if needed, giving medications if needed.
Obedience training includes basic obedience commands using positive reinforcement, lessons in your home at your convenience or classes at Dogs Rule.
To find out more about Positive Paws, call Ginger Morgan at 272-0001 or email her at ginger@petestreates.com .