Crime Tracker takes you to the movies

"Thirteen" is the title of a raw, new film about what's really happening in the so-called "Wonder Years" for some of our children. The R-rated movie reveals the double lives some youngsters live: promiscuous sex, frequent drug abuse and other disturbing behavior. Now Memphis police in the Hickory Hill area want youngsters to see this movie with their parents.

"Thirteen" tells the story of a girl desperate for acceptance. On her way to fitting in, Tracy huffs drugs, has sex and does things that give parents nightmares. One of the stars of movie, now 15 year old Nikki Reed, said she co-wrote the film based on personal experience.

Memphis police say Thirteen accurately portrays life for countless adolescents. Major Johnny Currin, Memphis Police Dept. said, "I think it's a great teaching tool to raise some eyebrows of our parents." So now police in Hickory Hill have persuaded Malco's Majestic theatre to offer a free screening of Thirteen next Tuesday night.

Why would police encourage parents to bring youngsters to view an R-rated movie? "We're trying to save our children. We want to start communication, some point of dialogue to open between parents and children. We're not trying to be God or trying to be the voice of morality for our community but we are trying to establish some type of communication."

Police in Hickory Hill partnered with the Memphis Grizzlies. The team is offering a free game ticket to all who screen Thirteen. Mike Golub, Memphis Grizzlies said, "We want to support their effort to get kids and parents together to see this movie which has some really important issues for families to work through together."

Holly Hunter plays a single mother in the film. Single parents are the norm in Hickory Hill. 64 percent of households here are headed by women. A local minister says more 2-parent homes would reduce teens' risky behavior! Dr. Stephen Neilsen, Christ The Rock Church said, "Hickory Hill has the highest level of fatherlessness in the area without male role model in there." Dr. Neilsen prefers that parents only attend the R-rated movie because he says kids already know about the naughty topics covered in Thirteen.

The free screening of Thirteen takes place at the Majestic at 6:30 next Tuesday night, October 21st. You must pick up a free ticket for the screening tomorrow at the Memphis police Co-Act Office in Hickory Hill located at 4225 Riverdale near Raines. The phone number there is 566-9568. Police say only youngsters with parents or legal guardians will be allowed to see the movie.