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Twister Sisters build a life out of chasing tornados

(WMC-TV) - They are two blondes with a common bond. Melanie Metz and Peggy Willenburg are not biologically related, but they share a love of weather – specifically, tornados.

For 10 years these two scientists have traveled across the country capturing incredible images of tornados forming right in front of their eyes.

In their videos, they seem to be there for all of it, twisters large and small, and damaging hail.

"This stuff would break your windshield no doubt, Willenburg said.

The pair has managed to stay safe during their decade of documenting twisters, but in 2004, they went from chasers to first responders, calling 911 for children and adults trapped in a basement.

"Normally there's not damage," Metz said. "Normally the tornado doesn't hit a house or town, which is what we want to see, is a tornado in a field. We don't want to see anybody hurt. So it was really emotional and really sad. Luckily, everyone was okay."

So the next time you see a wild tornado, the chances are these two women could be nearby.

"The Twister Sisters will continue to chase until we're gone - until we die," they laughed.

Metz and Willenburg said they don't often chase tornados in the Mid-South because of the danger – the density of trees makes the Mid-South much more dangerous than areas like Oklahoma, with its wide-open plains.

You can see videos recorded by the Twister Sisters by visiting their website, here.

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