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Andy's Rest. Scorecard: Trolley Stop Market, plus scores as of 6/2/11

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MEMPHIS (WMC TV) - THIS WEEK'S BIG TIP:  Trolley Stop Market, 704 Madison Ave., Memphis (near Medical District, Downtown), 901-526-1361,, Facebook

Their pizzas:  as close to New York as you can get, by the pie or slice.

Their burgers:  gourmet with the beef straight from the cattle of Brighton, TN's Neola Farms.

What makes the Trolley Stop Market a MUST stop, however, are the fresh produce and ingredients all from Mid-South farms, including the Mississippi County, AR, farm of owners Keith and Jill Forrester.

"You get a lot of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables in addition to flowers and great company," said regular customer Marion Donohoe of Highpoint Terrace, East Memphis.

"I just like the implications of using produce from local areas," said Shruti Singh of Downtown Memphis, another loyal patron.

Market supervisor Deborah Alexander said more than 85 local artists and vendors adorn the shelves, baskets and walls with their art, merchandise, sauces, chips and books -- all for sale at the Trolley Stop Market.

"Pictures that people paint. We have pottery. Employees even sell their stuff here," Alexander said.

And we're buying. Especially those farm-fresh veggies!

WHAT ANDY LIKES:  Veggie Plate, TSM Burger, Margharita Pizza (spelled just like that!), Chicken Salad Sandwich Wrap, Peanut Butter Bomb Cake


Owen Brennan's, 6120 Poplar Ave. in the Regalia Shopping Center of East Memphis, rated a 72 in its May 27 inspection:

"employee entered the bread from oven/slice and left the kitchen/did not wash hands"

"waste water leak...waste water runs onto floor"

Owner Jim Baker originally planned to appeal some of the violations in the report, but elected instead to immediately fix the water leak and to work with Chef Scott Delarme to update their restaurant's hygiene policies to prevent any further mistakes.

Their fast actions led to an upgraded score issued June 8:  an 86.

"We're very proud of that," said Baker. "We have a great restaurant and a great place for people to come in."

Taqueria Caminos De Michoacan, 3896 Macon Rd., Gaisman Park/East Memphis, rated a 74 in its June 2 inspection:

"mold inside ice maker"

"numerous fruit flies in mopsink area"

"raw egg (at) 74 degrees...discard 9 cases (of eggs)"

"We were unloading all the eggs from the delivery truck," said manager Joel Uriostegui. "I told the inspector if she could just wait until we unloaded, she could check. She said she wanted to inspect it now. So I said, 'It's your job. Go ahead. Nothing I can do about it.'"

Taqueria Caminos De Michoacan is awaiting its follow-up inspection.


Maggie Moo's, 125 S. Main (Peabody Place), Downtown Memphis, 100 on May 27. 

Maliya's Coffee & Deli, 1242 Southbrook Mall, Whitehaven, 98 on June 2. 

Walton's Catering & Down Home Cooking, 4527 Millbranch Rd., Whitehaven, 98 on May 31. 

Sam's Hamburgers & More, 3 S. Main St., 97 on May 27. 

Simply Fabulous Deli, 165 Madison Ave., Downtown Memphis, 97 on May 27. 

Capricio Café, 140 Union Ave. (Peabody Hotel), Downtown Memphis, 97 on June 1. 

Blimpie's Sub Shop, 1551 E. Brooks Rd, Whitehaven, 96 on June 2. 

Ellen's Soul Food, 634 S. Bellevue Blvd., South Memphis, 95 on May 24. 

DeJAVU, 936 Florida St., South Memphis (former Scorecard Big Tip), 92 on May 24. 

Elliott's Restaurant, 16 S. Second St., Downtown Memphis, 92 on May 27. 

Kountry Cookin' Soul Food Restaurant, 1128 Winchester Rd., Whitehaven, 92 on May 31. 

Half Shell, 7825 Winchester Rd., Southeast Memphis, 92 on May 31. 

Domino's Pizza, 2821 N. Houston Levee, Cordova, TN, 92 on June 1. 

Huey's Southwind, 7825 Winchester Rd., Southeast Memphis, 90 on May 31. 

Jack Pirtle's Fried Chicken, 1798 Winchester Rd., Whitehaven, 87 on May 31. 

Casablanca Grill, 5030 Poplar Ave., East Memphis, 79 on June 1. 

Arlington Bar BQ, 11875 Highway 70, Arlington, TN, 77 on May 31. 

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