Jekalyn Carr: A star on the rise

By Lisa Washington

(WMC-TV) - At just 14, Jekalyn Carr has a booming voice. The West-Memphis native has been singing gospel music since the age of five.

"Actually my mom and dad, they heard me singing around the house and were like, it's something that God has given her," Carr said of her vocal savvy.

From home, Carr would go on to use her God-given talent in her local church, and then around the country.

Without any formal training, her father Allen Carr said he knew early on his daughter's gift was something special.

"One day her and her brothers and sisters were singing and she stopped them and said, ' All are singing out of key,'" he said.

He went on to say, "It just caught us off guard and it was so amazing to see a five-year-old (say) hey, we're out of key, let's get this thing right."

Not only has Jekalyn Carr met gospel music greats, she has sung with them, including the artist she most admires.

"It has to be Kim Burrell," she said. "She's my favorite."

In addition to her music, Jekalyn Carr is also a motivational speaker. She receives so many requests for appearances, her parents decided it was best to home school her to accommodate her rigorous schedule.

"My parents, they have invested a lot into me and into my ministry and you think, wow, it's just amazing to have the parents that I have."

She has already released one CD, "Promise", and is hard at work on her next project.

Jekalyn Carr said singing is her passion, and it is what she plans to do for a long time to come.

"I remember telling my dad that singing was my passion. This is what I always wanted to do, and I also want to be a fashion designer and act," she admitted while laughing.

"I always said when I go out, I don't want the people to see Jekalyn Carr, I want the people to see the God that's in me, wherever I go, so when they walk away, I want them to say, she didn't operate in herself, she operated in God and she let God use her."

It's a voice she is using to spread a special message.

You can lean more about Jekalyn Carr, hear more of her singing, and watch her videos by visiting her website -

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