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Boy burns feet at playground

PHILADELPHIA (WFMZ/CNN) - A two-year-old boy is recovering from serious burns after a painful experience at a Pennsylvania playground.

Playgrounds can be a conductor of fun in the summertime, but one mother called a playground in Pennsylvania a conductor of heat.

"It's scorching when the sun comes down. There is no type of shade or nothing," mother Yesnia Figueroa said.

Two-year-old Alex Figueroa ran onto the playground's rubber mat barefooted while chasing his sister, and ended up with first and second degree burns.

"By the time I got to him and grabbed him his feet already burnt. Right away they were all white, started bubbling and feet started swelling up," Figueroa said.

The housing authority who runs the playground said it hasn't received a complaint before, but a kid getting burned on playground equipment is nothing new.

Figueroa said she now questions the black recycled rubber floors often used.

She said she's spooked that another child will get hurt if one falls on a hot day, even just for a second.

Lehigh Valley Hospital said they haven't many cases like young Alex's, but what they are seeing are kids burning their feet while walking across metal basement doors.

Paramedics said human skin begins to burn at 124 degrees - black rubber mats have been tested as high as 160 degrees.

Figueroa wants the surface of the park changed and warning signs put up, but in the meantime, bandages and gauze are the footwear for Alex.

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