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Clerk refuses to sign gay marriage licenses

VOLNEY, NY (YNN SYRACRUSE/CNN) - A town clerk in upstate New York said she won't sign marriage licenses for same-sex couples unless she's forced to do so.

On Friday, New York became the sixth state to recognize same-sex marriages.

Barbara MacEwen said gay and lesbian couples have a right to wed, but she believes she shouldn't be forced to do something that's against her morals and religion.

"I really wouldn't feel comfortable putting my name on a marriage license. I don't really call it a marriage because a marriage is between a man and a woman," she said.

Religious organizations that disapprove of same-sex couples have the right to refuse to marry them.

But public officials don't have that option.

MacEwen is now trying to find out what her legal options are.

She said the only way she'll sign the marriage license is if it comes down to writing her signature, or losing her job.

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