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Longest bay bridge opens in China

(CCTV/CNN) - The world's longest cross-sea bridge, Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, was put into operation Thursday in Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province.

Spanning 41.58 kilometers over the bay, the 35-meter-wide bridge is the longest of its kind in the world.

Even in a trial operation, the bridge had showed its advantage with a greatly reduced time needed for traveling from downtown Qingdao to its outlying regions.  

Featuring an investment of about $1.54 billion (U.S.), the bridge has a life expectancy of 100 years.  

Jiaozhou Bay is located on the southern coast of the Shandong Peninsula in East China. It separates Huangdao District from Qingdao City and borders on two other cities, Jiaozhou and Jiaonan.

Jiaozhou Bay, 32 km long and about 27 km wide, has a surface area of 362 square km, about two-thirds of its original area 100 years ago.  

A natural inlet of the sea, Jiaozhou Bay has three main ports, Qingdao, Huangdao and Hongdao, all ice-free during winter. The bay has a water depth of 10 to 15 meters at dredged channels leading to the ports.  

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