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Family's dog disappears from Memphis Animal Shelter

(WMC-TV) - Members of a Mid-South family want answers after their dog disappeared from the Memphis Animal Shelter.
Brooke Shoup's family was saddened by the recent disappearance of their 11 year old pit bull, Kapone.  Now, they are now offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the dog's return.

"I've had him since I was fifteen," Shoup said. "He was our child together before we ever had children."

The Shoups were in the process of rebuilding a fence at their home when two of their dogs accidentally got out.

"Some boards weren't screwed in at the bottom and the dogs shimmied out under it," Brooke said.

Memphis Animals Services picked the dogs up and took them to the animal shelter. When the Shoups arrived to claim their dogs, they received some bad news.
"We found Jersey in the back row," Shoup said. "I saw her and I was like, 'My Jersey girl, mommy has come to get you.' Then we kept looking for Kapone and he wasn't anywhere."
Shoup said Shelter Operations Manager Chelton Beamon told her his staff didn't know where Kapone was.
"He said he would review the videos and try to find out where my dog was, and what happened, and he would be in contact with me," she said.
According to Memphis Animal Services, 155 animals were unaccounted for in 2010.  
"Where's the chain of custody of these dogs?" Shoup asked. "Do they not have some sort of process they go through to keep up with them?"
Shelter officials would not comment on camera, but said an investigation is underway.

"Maybe he was stolen, and that's my biggest hope right now, is that he's alive out there somewhere and someone has him," Shoup said. "I just want him back."

Late Thursday afternoon, Public Services director Janet Hooks issued the following statement today about Kapone:

"Memphis Animal Services offers its sympathy to the Shoup family for the loss of their dog, Kapone, and hopes that he will be found and returned home.

An extensive review of all shelter records, including a security video log, leads us to believe that Kapone was never sheltered there. While the dispatch records indicate that, via radio, an ACO picked up two dogs in the vicinity of the Shoup's residence and was in route to the shelter to impound them, the records verify that only one dog was actually processed.

Unfortunately, we have no way of positively identifying the other animal picked up that day.

After shelter employees could not find Kapone among our stray population, the shelter operations manager visually inspected animals euthanized and Kapone wasn't one of them.  We've also checked euthanasia records and no dogs matching Kapone's description were euthanized during that time period.

All potential violations of our policy and procedures are currently being reviewed and, if appropriate, could lead to discipline and/or termination of the employee involved in this case.

Mayor Wharton also has been briefed on the situation, and we will whatever we can to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

Memphis Animal Services will continue to send patrols into the neighborhood in the hopes of bringing Kapone back home to the Shoups."

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