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MPD officer arrested after pulling out gun during altercation

(WMC-TV) - An off-duty Memphis Police officer allegedly pulled a gun on a woman when they got into a verbal altercation this week.

Amy Dunn, 33, has been an MPD officer for over a decade. She was arrested Friday.

The victim and her daughter, who asked to remain anonymous, said it all started when they complimented Dunn's dog while at a stop light on Sycamore View near Macon Wednesday.

"I looked over to my left and said, 'oh, that dog is so pretty. Her dog is so pretty,'" she said. "My daughter leaned over and said, 'oh, he is pretty.'"

The victim said that was when things turned ugly.

"She said, 'oh yeah, he looks just like you in the face,'" said the victim. "I said, 'what? What did she say?' When she moved up, we got back beside each other because there was traffic. We were side by side each other."

"I said to her, 'what did you just say?'" the victim continued. "She said, 'oh, you heard what I said (expletive). I said he looks just like you in the face.'"

"She and I started arguing, cussing each other back and forth. I said, 'get out of that truck, I'll kick your (expletive),'" she said.

The victim said Dunn had fewer cars in front of her at a stop light and could have moved on. Instead, she said Dunn slowed down and waited.

When the victim was once again beside her, that is when she said Dunn pulled out a gun.

"She had a gun pointed at my face ... when I came up beside her," she said. "She slowed down and waited on me to catch up with her. I'm thinking, OK, she can kill all three of us in the car."

The victim's daughter called police and gave them her tag numbers. They later identified both the owner of the car and her male passenger in a lineup.

"She put our life on the line," said the victim. "I don't want her to protect me, serve and protect me."

Dunn is out of jail on her own recognizance.

The victim said she was shocked that investigators never told her that the suspect is a Memphis Police officer. She only found out Saturday.

Dunn is charged with aggravated assault. She is relieved of duty with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

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