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Fallen officer remembered by best friend as a dedicated father

Officer Timothy Warren (right) pictured with his family. (Source: Facebook, with permission from family members) Officer Timothy Warren (right) pictured with his family. (Source: Facebook, with permission from family members)

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis police officer killed in the line of duty was described Monday by his best friend as "kind-hearted" and "loving."

Officer Timothy Warren was killed Sunday evening in a shooting while responding to a domestic violence call at the DoubleTree Hotel in downtown Memphis.

"He loved his family," Warren's best friend, Jerome Gray, said Monday. "He loved his wife. He was very protective of his family, his kids."

Warren, a 39-year-old Cleveland, Mississippi native, was a Memphis Entertainment District policeman, and had been with the MPD since 2003. He leaves behind his wife, Betsy, and two children: James, 8, and Jewel, 4.

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Gray described his friend as a Christian, a Good Samaritan and a dedicated father.

"A provider," he said. "A real stand-up person."

Gray said Warren recently switched from the 11am to 8pm shift to the 7pm to 3am shift, just to spend more time with his children.  

"He was on a different shift and his son and his daughter didn't get to see him as much," Gray said. "So he had switched shifts to accommodate himself so he could take his son off to school in the morning, and so he could see him come home off the bus."

Monday, outside Warren's home, flew a Christian flag, an American flag and a fallen officer memorial flag.

Gray said Warren's actions showed his dedication to the community - especially the homeless.

"If he saw a homeless person, he would give them a bottle of water and take them to a restaurant and feed them," Gray said. "I've seen him take people off the street and get them a hotel room for the night.  Pay for them to have shelter if it's raining outside."

Gray said he stopped at his friend's house Sunday shortly before Warren's shift.

"We were talking about scripture," he said. "We were talking about God. We were talking about what's the purpose that we have, and where God was trying to take us to."

Gray said the two had talked about starting a church as pastor and co-pastor.

"I said, 'Is there something else you would like to do?'  He said, 'I would like to minister full-time, a full-time ministry,' but he said, 'Policing is what I do and it's the only thing I know.'"

Gray said Warren told him he was tired after working a hard shift in Memphis' downtown entertainment district Saturday night. The two talked about meeting up early on the 4th of July to have coffee at Warren's favorite shop.

"He loved Starbucks so I said, 'We can have coffee at Starbucks.'  He said, 'Yeah, okay then.' And I just looked back one more time at him as he was walking away. I just saw how tired he was and I was like, 'Man'.  I walked out the house and that was the last time I talked to him until I got the phone call," he said.

Gray said that last vision of his friend is imprinted in his memory, and he hopes his friend will be remembered for his dedication to the force, family and the community.

Warren's father-in-law told Action News 5 that the fallen officer told his wife just two weeks ago that he had a premonition something big was going to happen.  

Services for Tim Warren will be held in Cleveland, Mississippi.

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