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How the double homicide at the DoubleTree Hotel unfolded

(WMC-TV)- An argument between a husband and a wife is what led to deaths of a Memphis Police officer and another man, Memphis Police say.

Sunday evening inside the busy DoubleTree hotel, a family from Cleveland Mississippi was holding a family gathering.

A woman, who family tells us is named Bobbie Warren, and her husband got into an argument, according to police.

Sources tell us Bobbie Warren's husband is this man, Alexander Haydel.

The woman's ex-husband, Arthur Warren was at the family gathering.

Bobbie and Arthur Warren had two children together. One of the children wanted Warren to be at the gathering, Warren's mother says.

Arthur Warren tried to intervene in the fight between his ex-wife and her new husband, Police say. The husband left, went to a nearby car, and got a gun, police say.

He came back and shot Arthur Warren to death, according to police.

Hotel guest Joel Miller, had just seen the gunman get off on the third floor.

"Getting off the elevator he pulled the gun as he was getting off the third floor," Miller said. "He ran towards the hallway and looked back and did like this to us with his hand."

Officer Tim Warren was just arriving to work when the call went out.

He didn't check in, he just followed the other officers in his personal truck, his father-in-law says.

The elevator was full so he took the stairs. Then officers were told the shooting victim was on the ninth floor. That's where they found Arthur Warren, 49, with multiple gunshot wounds.

Police say officer Warren encountered the gunman in the stairwell between the 8th and 10th floor.

The gunman shot him multiple times.

Police captured the suspect shortly after the second shooting.

The victims are both from Cleveland Mississippi and both share the same last name, but police say there is no relation as far as they know.

22-year-old Alexander Haydel is locked up at 201 Poplar on a 48-hour investigative hold for 1st degree murder.

Again, police are not yet confirming that he is the shooter.

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