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Father recalls fallen officer as a generous, giving person

Officer Timothy Warren Officer Timothy Warren

(WMC-TV) - Wednesday, the father of a Memphis police officer killed in the line of duty shared memories of his son.

Jimmy Warren said fallen Memphis Police Officer Tim Warren was committed to his job on the police force.

"This is a job, and a job for a man," he said. "You got to be ready for whatever, because that's the nature of the work, and Tim understood that."

Alexander Haydel, 22, is charged with first degree murder in the shooting deaths of officer Warren and Arthur Warren.  

According to investigators, a domestic dispute at the DoubleTree Hotel in Memphis involving Haydel, who had recently married Arthur Warren's former wife, Bobbie, triggered the murders.

Warren rushed to The MED upon learning his son had been shot.

"I knew something was wrong because there were so many police cars," he said. "We had so many police cars in front of us and back of us - both sides of us - going down the road going 85 to 90 miles per hour."

Arriving at The MED, Warren said he quickly feared the worst.

"We met with several police officers, a spokesman for Mayor Wharton, and the mayor was there too," he said. "We were shocked to find out that he was dead."

Jimmy Warren called his son was a giving person, recalling an incident involving Tim when he was in the 6th grade.

"We were in Memphis one weekend and his mother bought him a Fossil watch, and he came back and a little boy came up to him and said, 'My momma would never buy me a Fossil watch because we don't have any money.'  He took it off and gave it to him. That's the way he was," Warren said.

Officer Warren was also described as a missionary, who ministered to people on the streets of Memphis - especially the homeless.

"I had a policeman tell me that there was a homeless man sitting on the bench. It was cold and raining. Tim stopped and got him and carried him to a restaurant and fed him," Jimmy Warrens aid.

Warren said his son was a family man and loving father of two who will be greatly missed.

The family of Arthur Warren, a third cousin of Tim Warren, described him as a wonderful father of three children.

"He took every penny he could rake and scrape and he spent it on his children," said Ruth Warren, Arthur Warren's mother.

All of the relatives are concerned about the children, even the mother of the suspect.

"Those poor little children have to grow up without a father and he has to suffer the consequences of his actions," said Diane Haydel.

Bobbie Warren, the ex-wife of Arthur Warren and current wife of suspect Alex Haydel, said she does not want to be contacted at all.

Investigators said Bobbie Warren and Alex Haydel were on Beale Street with Arthur Warren and their 21-year-old daughter.  Bobbie Warren argued with Alex Haydel and he bit her lip.  Arthur Warren intervened.

When they got back to the DoubleTree Hotel, Alex Haydel went to his car, got two guns and shot Arthur Warren and officer Tim Warren.


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