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Governor Haslam wants online retailers to collect sales tax

(WMC-TV) - Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam said Thursday the state can no longer afford to pass up millions of dollars in potential revenue from internet sales tax.

One of the perks of shopping is online is most of the time you will pay for shipping but save cash on not paying sales tax.

"Like to save money, you know," said Memphis Jim Ed Greene.  "I try to be practical."

This week, Haslam called for national changes to the law that would force online retailers to collect state sales tax.

Some online shoppers in Memphis see the governor's point when he said the state has already lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

"Every state right now is having budgetary issues, and anywhere they can find money, they're going to hunt for it," said Memphian John Ogle.  "I think this is a logical place, and it's a surprise it took them so long to get to it."

Haslam has said he is willing to take the lead on making nationwide changes to a law that will ultimately be up to Congress.

According to Nashville public radio, the state's previous administration allowed to set up shop in Tennessee without collecting state sales tax.  Haslam had previously said the state should honor those terms.

"I can understand with the economy being the way that it is there would be a push toward that," said Memphian Loretta Hill.

Some online shoppers said they are against any new taxes.

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