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Extra Credit: Dwight Moore

By Kym Clark - bio | email

Dwight Moore, II, is a rising 6th grade, basketball playing, straight-A, student council representative at Central Day School, but there's much more to the self-titled Junior Journalist than that!

He competed in a district math competition and won, placed 18th out of 72 students at the regional spelling bee in Atlanta, and won this year's local Pinewood Derby!

But it's his journalistic talents that truly set him apart.

According to Dwight, "I started when I was 5 years old, 'cause I went to a book signing for President Jimmy Carter and while I was there I got to ask him a few questions."

And the fire was lit.  Since then, Dwight has landed interviews with General Colin Powell, Secretary Madeline Albright, and Condoleeza Rice, just to name a few!

He's landed more high-profile interviews than most adult journalists!

He's traveled to our nation's capitol for interviews with senators and renowned civil rights leaders, as well as National News commentators.

He's dined in the senate dining room and visited the Alabama coastal community to write about the oil spill.

Dwight explained, "I'm very curious... and... I just like to know what's going on!"

And when asked if journalism is his life's goal," Yes... besides being President," he proclaimed.

Look out world, Dwight Moore is asking questions and taking over.

President Barack Obama is next on his list of "interviews to get."

If you'd like Dwight to cover your event contact his mom: Geneva Simpson-Moore: (901)831-0367 or dmgsmoore@aol.com.

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