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Memphis man says Comcast ruined his kitchen appliances

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis homeowner is upset after he said the work a cable company worker did ruined his kitchen.

"They did it," said Jeremy Turner.  "They annihilated it."

Turner's audio issues in his cable began in November.  On June 2, a technician finally diagnosed the problem.

"The splitter was here," said Turner.

The technician moved the splitter to the side of Turner's house and grounded the line on a pole that housed two live electrical wires running to the air conditioner.

"We started to have power surges in the house," said Turner.  "Things started to flicker and pop.  We had a small fire behind the television.  The oven blew out, the microwave blew out, the light fixtures started to blow out."

A cable company representative told Turner they would be able to give him $300 for repairs.

"I found that insulting," said Turner.  "Three hundred dollars is going to replace my microwave, much less my oven, the record player and everything else that was damaged."

After weeks of back and forth, Comcast referred Turner to its insurance company.  He was told it might be another 60 days.

"Now I'm just kind of exhausted with the process," he said.  "I'm irritated, of course.  How long do I have to eat take out food because I can't cook in my house?"

Turner said he considered filing a claim on his homeowners insurance, but was told the damage is only a couple hundred dollars over his deductible.  It would also be a second claim after a recent burglary.

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