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Mid-South mother confronts cemetery about location of daughter's body

(WMC-TV) - A grieving Mid-South mother has been left to wonder what a cemetery did with her daughter's body.

Action News 5 was there when the family confronted the cemetery owner Saturday.

"I'm looking for my loved one that I buried Saturday," said Vickie Jackson.  "Here it is on Thursday, and y'all are telling me you can't find her."

Voner Matlock was Jackson's 27-year-old daughter.

"She should have been able to go to a computer and told me which row, which location my daughter was buried in," said Jackson.

Matlock had recently given birth to her first baby.  She died suddenly of an enlarged heart.

Her burial service was last Saturday under a tent at Galilee Memorial Gardens off Ellis Road in the Bartlett area.  When her mother came out Thursday, she said the vice president of the cemetery, Jemar Lambert, could not find Matlock's grave.

"We walked up and down this area here and all of this dirt was extremely hard," said Jackson.  "Didn't look like there'd been any graves placed over here."

Lambert said he and his men could not identify the grave site since they were in Brownsville until 6:00 p.m. Thursday.  They marked the grave Friday at 9:00 a.m., which was too late in Jackson's opinion.

"They could have gotten the spot mixed up with anybody else," she said.

Lambert said Superior Funeral Home did not bring the temporary grave marker with Matlock's body.

"He thought we automatically flagged the graves for the family," said Lambert.  "I told him, 'no, we flag the grave upon request from the family.'"

Now Jackson has a bigger request.

"I want you to dig her up and move her," she said.  "I want to see my baby's casket and I want to see my baby's body in that casket."

After initially saying he would talk to his attorney about it, Lambert finally agreed.

"If you want her moved, we can move her," he said to Jackson.  "Because here's the thing, I'm not at fault, you're at fault for not taking care of your business the correct way."

Lambert said Jackson should have picked out her daughter's plot in person instead of relying on the funeral home.

The funeral home did admit they did not bring a temporary marker, but said it is the cemetery's responsibility to flag a grave and keep track of it.

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