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Extreme heat could be dangerous in coming days

(WMC-TV) - With two heat-related deaths already this year, local officials asked Mid-South residents to heed the warning in the coming days.

Many said they would not let a heat index of 110 degrees keep them from having fun Sunday.

"It's hot, it's really hot," said Hamadi Hassan.  "It's summer, we're trying to enjoy it before school's open."

"I think it feels really, really hot, but it's usually always around 90 to 95, and I just don't hesitate to come out here and make sure my daughter and I are both hydrated when we enjoy the weather," said Anita Maness.

Sunday marked the highest heat index so far this year, but some resident said they enjoy the heat.

"Some people can't stand it, but hot weather don't bother me," said Jimmy D. Reed.

Reed of Orange Mound has a working air conditioner.  It was running while he sat outside Sunday afternoon.

"Cold as I can get it," he said.

Reed said he enjoys the weather because he knows how to keep it from becoming deadly.

"I drink plenty of water," said Reed.  "I don't drink alcohol."

With a heat warning in effect Sunday, Shelby County Office of Preparedness director Bob Nations said the heat is something to take seriously.

"I've picked up runners, long distance runners, who've overdone it," said Nations.  "I think this heat sneaks up even on people who are in real good condition."

Nations said the heat will only become an emergency situation if there are long-term power outages.  He said he hopes people remember to cool off each day.

"Don't sit in what I call a hot box, where you have no air movement," he said.  "The other thing is you can get on a porch, or under a shade tree."

The heat warning is in effect for the next 48 hours.  If you have elderly or ill friends or relatives, remember to check on them.  Make sure they have a working air conditioner or fan and that they are on.  Many reports of people who died from the heat simply did not have their air conditioner or fan turned on.

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