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Cordova family's fight over food turns bloody

(WMC-TV) - A fight over food turned into a physical and bloody altercation between family members, ending with a mother and daughter behind bars.

Tuesday, police said Vorece Kizer, 68, and her daughter, Peggy Echols, 49, had both been charged with domestic violence.

The pair was arrested at their home in the 700 block of Cedar Blake Drive in Cordova after authorities said they attacked another family member because he didn't bring food home for them.

Police said Salation Kizer, Jr. told them that his mother and sister hit and kicked him after he brought food home for his father, but not for them.

When officers arrived at the residence, they found Salation Kizer bleeding heavily from the head.

"I'm doing all right," Kizer said laughed Tuesday. "I'm making it."

According to the police incident report, Kizer told investigators his sister used a can opener in the attack.

Together, she and their mother hit and kicked him, leaving several large gash marks in his head above his eyebrows.

But Vorece Kizer and Peggy Echols told a different story. Vorece told investigators her son knocked her down onto some stairs, and began stomping on her.

Echols, meanwhile, states she was afraid, and did everything she could to get Salation off of their mother.

Tuesday, no one at the family's home wanted to talk about the incident.

"They are not here," said the person that answered the door. "Go away."

Likewise, Salation Kizer said he also did not want to discuss the matter.

"I really would just like to keep it private, just between family," he said.

Vorece Kizer and her daughter, Peggy Echols, are both out of jail on bond.

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