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Animal Services officer arrested on cruelty charges

Demetria Hogan, pictured in a mug shot release Wednesday after her arrest. (Source: Demetria Hogan, pictured in a mug shot release Wednesday after her arrest. (Source:

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis Animal Services employee was arrested Wednesday on two counts of animal cruelty in connection with a missing dog.

After she turned herself in to be booked at Jail East on two counts of animal cruelty, Action News 5 was there Demetria Hogan was released on $100 dollars bond.
"I'm not able to talk to the media," she said as she passed our camera.
Hogan, who is accused in the disappearance of Kapone, an 11-year-old pit bull, had very little to say as she left jail East.
Hogan was the Animal Services officer who was sent to pick up two pit bulls that escaped from Brooke Shoup's Cordova backyard on June 24.

According to Memphis police, Hogan took Jersey, the three-year-old dog to the shelter.  But Kapone never made it to the shelter.
"The General Assignments Bureau will now reach out to her and try to get additional information from her," Memphis Police Department spokesperson Karen Rudolph said.
Rudolph said investigators are also trying to determine Hogan's alleged involvement in a separate animal cruelty incident earlier this week.

"Ms. Hogan did receive a call on an animal struck by a vehicle yesterday," Rudolph said. "It was picked up and taken to the animal shelter, and when the dog was delivered, it was dead. But that investigation is still ongoing right now."

After a brief check of Hogan's personnel files, we discovered that she was scheduled to have a disciplinary hearing to discuss the charges at Memphis Animal Services on Tuesday of this week; however, it was postponed until a later date.
Memphis Animal Services sent Hogan a letter saying she "violated a Department Regulation and/or City of Memphis Personnel Manuel Policies."  The letter went on to say:
 - The employee has violated a provision set forth in the City of Memphis Personnel Manuel Policies and Procedures or a provision set forth by the employee's Division or department.

 - The employee is incompetent, inefficient, and unprofessional in demonstrated work performance of their assigned job duties.

 - The employee has made a false statement of material fact in connection with the employee's job, including falsification of City records.

Hogan, who has an extensive criminal history, was hired in 2006 as part of the city's "Second Chance" program, meant to provide employment to ex-felons.
Employee records also show where Hogan received a written reprimand from Animal Services Administrator Matthew Pepper in 2010 for failing to appear in court on a dog-bite case.
Meanwhile, we're told Hogan has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation into Kapone's disappearance.  She is scheduled to be in court Thursday.

Meanwhile, a $6,000 reward is being offered for Kapone's safe return.

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