Ask Andy: Stay-at-home jobs

(WMC-TV) - What if your daily commute to work consisted of stepping out of the kitchen for a cup of coffee and into your home office?  Thanks to the internet, more people are doing that every day.

Borden Black has been working from home for years as a writer, giving her flexibility and freedom.

"I enjoy being able to decide what jobs I'm going to take, home I'm going to do them, set my own schedule," said Black.

Experts said if you are looking to work from home, consider these nine jobs:

-Virtual assistant
-Web developer/designer
-Call center representative
-Tech support specialist
-Travel agent
-Medical transcriptionist

Stephanie Foster transitioned to the world of at-home jobs as a medical transcriptionist.

"It's still growing and you don't need to be there in the doctor's office to do the transcriptions," said Foster.  "So a lot of people just do the work from home."

Working from home gave Foster the idea to launch, a web resource for stay-at-home parents like herself.

"I have three kids and daycare would cost a lot of money with that many, so I get to be flexible," she said.  "I get to be there for my kids and still earn something of a living."

There are legitimate work-from-home jobs out there in all kinds of fields, but according to a website that tracks at-home jobs, there are 57 scams for every real job.

"Be aware of the many scams out there, because they really are rampant in the work-at-home industry," said Foster.  "Be skeptical, do your research, ask a lot of questions."

The website takes the guess work out of it by hiring staffers to screen each job posting.

"Once we've identified, it's passed our test of credibility and confirmable legitimacy, then we'll allow the companies on our site and we'll post the jobs to our database for our uses, so every single job is hand screened," said CEO Sara Sutton Fell.

Other ways to screen include a Google search of a company's name plus the word "scam."  Also, check a company's record with the Better Business Bureau.

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