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MPD Officer, charged with felony, disciplined in the past

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(WMC-TV) - A Memphis police officer charged with a felony after she allegedly pointed a gun at a mother and her daughter has faced a disciplinary problem in the past.

Memphis Police Officer Amy Dunn, 33, was charged with aggravated assault earlier this month.

The victim and her daughter did not want to be named in the story.

They say it all started when they complimented Dunn's dog, while at a stop light on Sycamore View near Macon.

"I looked over to my left and said, 'Oh, that dog is so pretty. Her dog is so pretty.' My daughter leaned over said, "Oh, he is pretty." She said, 'Oh, yeah, he look just like you in the face.' I said, 'What? What did she say?'"

A verbal argument ensued. The two got separated in traffic. The victim says Dunn could have driven on, but waited for her to catch up with her.

"She had the gun pointed at my face just like this when I came up beside her."

The victim said she felt the officer's comment was racist.

Turns out, Officer Dunn was disciplined for making a racial slur last August.

Police personnel records say quote, "A mutual friend of yours and the complainant, e-mailed you through Facebook inquiring about a traffic stop. You admitted to responding back through your Facebook e-mail using a racial slur stating "Oh, That N----r.!"

Dunn was suspended for three days without pay for violating two police policies. Dunn's most recent performance evaluation on file is from 2005.

Her reviews up until then were above average.

"She is progressing to be a positive asset to the citizens of Memphis...," one review says.

The assault victim and her daughter disagree.

"She put our life on the line," the daughter said.

"I don't want her to protect me, serve and protect me," the victim said.

MPD's Human Resources Department says Dunn's performance reviews from 2005 until now are at her precinct.

They said they couldn't make them available until Tuesday. Officer Dunn is expected to face a judge on the charges Tuesday morning.

Officer Dunn is already back on the job, in a non-enforcement capacity, pending the outcome of the investigation.

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