Underground - The BEST Storm Shelters in the World!

Eliminate Storm Fears And Weather Risks

The Proven safest place when severe weather strikes is an underground refuge and a Great Escapes Dome Shelter. Fiberglass Shelter provides YOU with the finest protection possible during storms or tornados. Convenience features include a special door lock system, a handrail for safety, plus carpeted steps and flooring. The shelter walls are smoothed to shower surface quality, leaving no rough edges to injure fingers or catch clothing.

The Great Escapes Dome Shelter is designed for installation in a level yard or bank and normally takes no longer than 4 hours to install. The 2' overfill can easily be seeded or sodded if desired. Only the vented door is visible after installation.

Purchase With Assurance Of Security

The Great Escapes DOME Shelter is an 8' structure made from molded fiberglass that provides you and your loved ones with handy, reliable protection from nature's extremes. The Great Escapes DOME Shelter has been manufactured with your comfort in mind. Molded interior seats accommodate as many as 10 people, though the shelter holds more if needed. Long lasting indoor/outdoor carpeting is included along with solar powered positive airflow ventilation and a stair rail for added safety.

This weatherproof, watertight shelter is gel coated and sealed to ensure maximum protection. It is manufactured from reinforced non maintenance fiberglass materials. A full length piano hinge gives our access door additional strength while an overlapping seal blocks rain from blowing in. The special lock system prevents the door form being opened from the outside.

Severe weather is both dangerous and frightening. People are often unsure about what to do when storm warnings or watches are issued. Having a Great Escapes DOME shelter for protection can easily save you and your loved ones from possible injury or even death.

The Great Escapes DOME Shelter is warranted against product defect, leakage, or displacement. With this purchase of a Great Escapes DOME Shelter, you can have a safe and dry refuge during severe, life threatening weather.