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Babies with cataracts need immediate treatment

PHILADELPHIA (WCAU/NBC) - Cataracts are mostly associated with old age, but many don't know that the condition can cause big problems for babies, too.

Dr. William Anninger of the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia said cataracts in babies is rare, but affect thousands every year. Babies born with cateracts need to be treated immediately.

Parents should be on the lookout for a baby who is visually engaged.

"By around 2 or 3 months of age you want your baby to be really locking on to you, following you about the room," said Anninger.

If vision is impaired, surgery must be done early in life.

"If you leave it in, the child will be blind in that eye, even you if you remove it, for example, at 1 year of age, because if you leave them with no vision for the first year of life, that eye will not be able to see," Anninger said.

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