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Wife accused of confessing to murder on dating site

SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT (WCAX/CNN) - A Vermont woman allegedly confessed to murder on an online dating site.

Kevin Leland thought he had found a match on OK Cupid's dating website last August, but he received more than he expected.

"After only knowing her maybe two or three weeks, texting and phone calls, she confessed to me very remorsefully that she killed her husband," Leland said.

Two years after the alleged murder, Christine Billis, 44, was charged last month with killing her husband, Charles, by intentionally crashing the family car into a tree.

"I recorded on my digital recorder talking about how she planned it for months about driving the car into a tree," Leland said.

Leland met Billis in person, and after some taped conversation he turned those tapes over to the police. And they obtained search warrants to record more conversations between the couple.

"She threatened to kill me if I recorded her and turned her in," Leland said. "There was one time she stood right over me with a knife, look at this hunting knife, a 13-inch blade, it was sketchy, and she has a lot of sketchy friends, some of them that are threatening me now."

He said it remains a mystery why she trusted him with her secrets.

Thomas Powell, a forensic psychologist, says criminal minds are already bent.

"People already have problems regulating emotions, regulating talk and so when they get online, that lack of what we call 'ego structure' allows them to go right off the edge, sometimes doing things and saying things they normally won't face to face with somebody," Powell said.

Billis has been ordered to undergo a competency hearing to determine her state of mind at the time of the crash.

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