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Woman claims Animal Services worker killed her dog

Demetria Hogan Demetria Hogan

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis pet owner says a former Memphis Animal Services worker, already charged with animal cruelty, killed her dog.

As Memphis police investigate the death of Max, a nine-year-old lab mix, a veterinarian has ruled that heat stroke is what caused the animal's death while he was in the care of animal control officer Demetria Hogan.  

Hogan was recently fired from the shelter in connection to the case of missing dog - Kapone.

"I felt that woman killed my dog due to her neglect," said Max's owner, Martha Mitchum.

Hogan was sent to Hillshire to pick up Max on July 12, after a call came in as an injured dog hit by a car.

However, investigators say Hogan didn't return the dog to the shelter for more than two hours.  When Hogan did arrive, Max was found dead in the back of her truck.  

Dr. Rebecca Coleman determined the dog was not killed as a result of injuries from being hit by a car.

"I feel that if she arrived at the scene at the time she claims she did, and picked up my dog and taken him back to the shelter right away, I think he'd still be alive here today," she said.

According to the necropsy report, Max died as a result of heat stroke. The manner of death was accidental, and there was also no evidence of trauma. Coleman also concluded in the report, "the lack of physical injury is inconsistent with a history of injury caused by a vehicular encounter."

Meanwhile, Memphis police are still investigating Max's death.

"We've been told we could pursue some kind of civil case against her, but at this point we're not quite sure what we're going to do," Mitchum said.

There is currently a $11,000 reward for information leading to the safe return of Kapone, the missing pit bull that vanished while in Hogan's care in June.

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