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Memphis mother knows location of daughter's body after exhumation

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis mother turned to Action News 5 for help in finding where her daughter was buried.

When family members arrived at Galilee Memorial Gardens for the exhumation of 27-year-old Voner Matlock, they were met by a locked gate and a security guard.

"The media is not to come in," said the security guard.

Matlock died of an enlarged heart after giving birth to her son.  Her family attended her burial service under a tent at the cemetery on Ellis Road.

The family later said no hole was dug for her casket and the burial service ended without a burial.

When Vickie Jackson returned to visit her daughter's grave five days later, the cemetery's vice president could not find it.

The next day, the cemetery marked a spot as Matlock's grave, but the family noticed that the ground on both sides of the marker did not look freshly dug.

"That Thursday and that Friday, it was completely hard, solid," said Voner Matlock's sister, Adrianne Matlock.

After Jackson complained, the family said a section of freshly turned dirt appeared behind Matlock's grave marker.  Galilee Memorial Gardens owner Jemar Lambert eventually agreed to an exhumation on camera, then delayed it a week.

Chopper 5 was able to witness the exhumation.

"I got to see my baby in the casket," said Jackson.  "It was her, they moved her to the location of my choice.  I'm satisfied with everything."

"I thank God that he watched over us," said Lambert.  "I knew that from the jump, I knew I was correct."

Matlock's body was buried behind her grave marker, in the same spot family members said was initially hard.  The day after their complaint, it was freshly turned.

Lambert did not want to comment on why Matlock's grave was facing the back of her grave marker.

Matlock's family said they will always wonder where her body would be if they had not complained.

"I don't believe from the beginning that she was ever here," said Jackson.  "Thank you guys for everything that you've done for me."

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