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Ask Andy: Hidden Yard Sale Treasures

(WMC TV) - Ours is a city of neighborhoods, and boy, do we love our yard sales!

The annual super yard sale every September in the Countrywood neighborhood of Cordova, TN, is the stuff of legends. It's marked on peoples' calendars in four states, and they'll shop all weekend at the hundreds of Countrywood homes whose owners are hocking their stuff right out of their driveways.

Cari Cucksey, an antiques dealer and liquidator who hosts Cash & Cari on HGTV (, told Bottom Line Secrets magazine these are the yard sale treasures that can command two, three, even four times their value at re-sale:

* 1970-80's FISHER-PRICE TOYS. Cucksey said a vintage Little People Castle from the 70's in excellent condition and with all of its parts can be worth $150 or more.

* MARANTZ STEREO EQUIPMENT. Audiophiles love yesterday's stereo equipment, said Cucksey, and they go nuts over antique equipment manufactured by the Marantz company. Cucksey said a Marantz Model 2385 receiver in excellent condition from the 70's recently sold for nearly $2,000 on eBay.

* 1950's HARDWARE/FIXTURES. Drawers, doorknobs, hinges, locks, door-stops -- especially those that have an Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau or Art Deco look -- do very well on re-sale, according to Cucksey. Matching sets are a sure thing!

* MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. ANY musical instruments, not just antiques.

* MAGAZINES. Pre-1960 issues of Popular Mechanics, Life, Mad, Jet and Ladies' Home Journal. Cucksey also recommends any well-illustrated train magazines and World War II-themed magazines.

* BARBIE CLOTHES. 1950's through the 70's, and they must have the Mattel Barbie tag.

* VINTAGE PICTURE FRAMES. A vintage, hand-carved frame will be heavier than the average frame. The more ornate it is, the more cash it will command at re-sale. Inspect paintings at yard sales for these frames, too. Maybe they'll sell the frame and toss the canvas!

* 1980's DESIGNER CLOTHES. Cucksey said Izod sweaters from the 80's can rake in $25 to $40 on eBay.

Cucksey recommends,, and for re-selling yard sale items. My only caveat is be aware of the scams that often invade those sites.

And if you don't think selling your old stuff is worth your time, consider this. My wife and I hold a yard sale every year, two to three weeks before our summer vacation. Every year, we make more than enough cash to stock our summer condo with two weeks worth of groceries.

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