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Parents, teachers rally in support of Memphis City Schools

(WMC-TV) - Dozens gathered Thursday morning in an effort to make their voices heard in the midst of the school budget battle.

Chanting, "funds now," parents, teachers and others rallied in front of Memphis City Hall.

"These adults need to stop this funny business and get down to the business of educating our children," said Leslie Reddick, the mother of a Memphis City Schools student.

Rally participants demanded that school and city leaders find a way to avoid delaying the start of school, something the MCS board has threatened to do until the city makes good on the millions of dollars owed to the district.

"Nobody wants our children to suffer," said Kaleigh Donnelley, who helped organize the rally. "Nobody wants the children to not be educated. We are all proud of our city."

Donnelley, a parent and a teacher, said she organized the rally as an opportunity for residents to express appreciation for education and discourage any talk of delaying the start of classes...

Everyone from politicians to local union members showed up for the rally. Many said the vote to delay the start of school would cause a hardship on employees who work for the school system.

"I'm out of a job until the people at the top make a decision - the six figure (income) people make a decision," said Brenda Shields, a school cafeteria manager.

Kid reporter Diedra Shores, who attended the rally to get a better perspective, said many of her peers are having a hard time understanding what the adults are doing.

"Right now we don't quite know when we are going to school," she said. "So its kind of confusing to us kids, but we think that, you know, if the adults can't get along and get things work out, how do you expect kids to be able to do that?"

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