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Treatment offers painless facelift

(NBC) - A new ultrasound technique promises to remove wrinkles without surgery.

Dr. Matthew White is one of the developers of the Ulthera ultrasound technology now being used to erase wrinkles.

"We're actually able to focus on the SMAS layer," he said. "The SMAS layer is the precise layer that, as surgeons, we usually pull tighter when we perform a surgical face lift."

The SMAS layer, or superficial musculo-aponeurotic system, is the deep muscle layer under the skin.

"Once we image with ultrasound it tells us precisely where the energy is going to be deposited, so we treat the deeper smas layer, cause it to lift and tighten," White said "Then in the same setting we actually go back and treat the deep skin dermis ... so you get a two-level treatment that really helps to lift and tighten the facial tissues."

It's also believed the ultrasound's low level heat triggers the wound healing process and stimulates collagen growth over time, firming up skin.

"The really neat thing about it is, that improvement continues to get better and better as time passes," White said.

The treatment takes about 90 minutes and cost varies, but should be around $1,500.

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