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Docs leave BB lodged in boy's brain

TAMPA, FL (WFLA/NBC) - A strange accident has left a boy living the rest of his life with a BB lodged in his brain.

Tommy Gallagher was shot in the face by his younger brother two weeks ago. The BB remains lodged in Tommy's brain, and doctors say it's too risky to surgically remove it.

The result is that he is unable to move his left arm and leg, and his speech is slightly slurred.

Tommy's mother, Janice Gallagher, said the shooting happened July 9 when the boys were playing upstairs and found an old BB gun that everyone thought was broken.

Gallagher said the wound didn't appear serious, and initially everything seemed fine, though Jamie apologized profusely, and Tommy told him not to worry about it.

A day later Tommy complained that he was having trouble moving his left leg and arm. A CT scan found the BB lodged in Tommy's brain.

Its path went through the skin, under Tommy's left eye, through his sinuses and stopped in the right side of his brain.

Whether Tommy will make a full recovery is unknown, but his mother said his mobility was improving earlier this week.

"He's doing good," she said. "He's got some movement. Just this morning he showed a little movement in his hand. For the first time, he closed his fingers on his left hand."

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