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Record high temps make working outside dangerous

HASTINGS, NE (KHAS/NBC) - Soaring temperatures across the nation are making it dangerous for those who work outdoors all day.

The increased heat this week hasn't helped these workers who are stuck under the sun all day long.

"It gets really warm. The worst ones are like when you have to stand up, I guess, and there's no umbrellas," said lifeguard Maddi McConnaughhay. "It gets really hot, and it like makes you light-headed sometimes, I guess, but after awhile the heat kind of is just there and you don't notice it as much anymore."

Some people would consider lifeguards to be lucky to be able to cool off in the pool whenever overheated, but other professions aren't as lucky.

"The sun beating down, cooking you up. You know, hard hat doesn't help too much, cooks your brain, makes you a little dumb sometimes," said builder Stephen Canick.

While construction workers have it bad, everyone in rural Nebraska agreed that the worst heat is found in the fields.

"When you get in the corn, there's always naturally going be a higher heat index just with the humidity from irrigation and the moisture in the ground and the plants, and with the taller plants, that obviously cuts down on the air flow," said S&J Detasseling owner Bruce Bohlen.

The triple-digit heat has caused supervisors to make some changes.

"Because of the high heat indexes that were forecasted and that we're enduring, we're trying to shut down around noon," said Bohlen.

If you're going to be working out in the sun, wear light-colored clothes, drink plenty of water and don't forget sunscreen.

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