Man robs 6 banks wearing $800 movie mask - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Man robs 6 banks wearing $800 movie mask

PLANO, TX (KXAS/NBC) - Investigators in North Texas are on the hunt for a serial bank robber that is keeping his true size and identity hidden by using an $800 special effects mask.

The robber has held up six banks in four cities in four months. Police have named him the "Handsome Guy Bandit" after his disguise that looks and feels like real skin.

"It's really hard to tell that there's a person underneath it, and it's not the actual person's face," said Kevin Perlich of the Richardson, TX, Police Department.

Identifying the robber's true size is also challenging because the torso of the mask conceals his true size.

"Well, it's certainly escalated the crime from where it was - just a note passing before to now you know he is armed," Perlich said. "He's obviously had success with it, so more than likely he's going to continue with it."

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