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Summer break not necessarily a break from learning

(CNN) - There are simple things parents can do to prevent the summer brain drain and keep kids learning until the first day of school.

Anna Catalina Gross is a stay at home mother of three young children, two of whom are in school. Her kids aren't the only ones who enjoy summertime.

"It's kind of nice to be able not to have any schedules; we're all together and I really like it," Gross said.

She has one main concern about the summer, however.

"There's things like handwriting and math that you do need to do every day to not lose your focus and you do kind of backtrack a little bit if it's been eight weeks, nine weeks that you haven't done math," Gross said.

Once kids have gotten to enjoy their summer, one guidance counselor said kids need to be engaged in activities.

"It could be sports related, arts and crafts related or just visiting family and friends," Yashica Douglas said.

Along with the activities, Douglas has advice for all parents.

"To  make sure that they are reading, reading, reading and to make sure that they are working on skills that perhaps they were a little deficient in and also to improve upon those skills that they were really good in just to kind of keep them above the curve," she said.

Parents should start helping kids get back on track with school about two weeks before classes start.

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