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New movie based on Egyptian revolution

(CNN) - The massive popular uprising that ousted Egypt's long-time ruler is coming to the big screen, as an Egyptian filmmaker has teamed with an Egyptian movie actor to tell the story of the revolution.

They plan to tell it not from a grand perspective, but through the eyes of a single conflicted character.

Egypt's revolution has changed the entire Middle East, and will be told in the film R for Revolution. The movie dramatizes how ordinary Egyptians did extraordinary things in the 18 days that undid a dictatorship of almost three decades.

Amr Waked, one of Egypt's most well-known actors, plays the leading role.

"More than a film about the revolution it is actually a film about the people who made the revolution and why," he said.

R for Revolution tells the fictional story of a computer engineer who had been tortured by the thugs of Hosni Mubarak's intelligence service, and when the revolution starts he's afraid and passive.

Then the engineer's ex-girlfriend, a State TV news presenter and staunch Mubarak supporter, defects and joins the uprising that is gripping the country.

The movie thrives off the emotions of the Jan. 25 revolution, and it's director, Ibrahim el Batout, spontaneously decided to start shooting the film as the protests were going on.

All the scripts were improvised by the actors, and Batout still goes to Tahrir Square almost every day as protesters are back and demanding further changes from the military council now running the country.

"What you see right here, right now is a miracle man. And I come here every day juts to get some energy. This was totally unthinkable only a few months ago," he said. "And when you see that you cannot really sleep without letting out. And my only way of letting it out is by making a movie."

R for Revolution is expected to arrive in theaters later this year.

Its makers said they hope it will help the world and Egyptians themselves better understand the emotions of a society in upheaval, going through fundamental change after decades of suppression.

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