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Couple battles cemetery over horrible burial stench

CLINTON COUNTY, KY (WBKO/CNN) - A bad smell coming from a cemetery in Kentucky has been causing problems in the neighborhood surrounding it for several weeks after a woman was buried in an above-ground tomb.

"We've basically been prisoners in our homes," said Rev. Larry Jones, who lives near the cemetery.

Jones and his wife have been battling an odor emanating from a mausoleum nearby.

"My wife came out the other morning and she just about threw up," he said.

Shirley Lovelace, 59, passed away a little more than a month ago and was buried in an above-ground tomb without being embalmed and, according to Jones, only being placed in a body bag.

"We've seen her husband walk up to the cemetery and he used to go very close and now he takes a 20 to 25-foot stance off," he said.

Jones is also the pastor of Central Grove Baptist Church, which is adjacent to his home and the cemetery. He said sometimes the smell even reaches the church.

"And the odor very much like a dead animal, only really worse," he said.

He said he has contacted the funeral home, the coroner's office and multiple other agencies to find a solution to the problem.

"Wound up at the attorney general's office in the State of Kentucky who say there is no law against above-ground burials like this," Jones said.

The funeral home said they followed all rules and regulations and even double-checked with the state board before burying Lovelace.

Lonnie Scott with Clinton County's Emergency Management Team has been to the cemetery and the house and said he understands where this problem could happen again in the future.

"Probably the best advice we got from anyone is their sanitary board should probably draft more stringent regulations as far as burials and entombments up in their cemetery," Scott said.

The family hasn't been contacted due to the sensitivity of the situation.

"I feel compassion for him," Jones said.

However, he said he and his wife could be locked up in their home for the next two months of nothing changes.

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